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So local, it’s your own backyard!


My Edible Garden is a sister project of figure4 and specializes in helping people grow their own food.  As issues of food security and purity become more prevalent, knowing where our food comes from is increasingly important.  Our goal is to provide people with the necessary education, infrastructure, and support to enable them to grow food successfully.  Right at home.  Growing your own food will help ensure you and your family are enjoying nutrient rich, organic food, while decreasing your impact on our environment.


Our team is dedicated to educating our community on the benefits of urban food production and the importance of self sustainability.  Our group of urban farmers carry a diverse set of skills and backgrounds.  We are botanists, landscape designers, outreach and communications specialists, project managers, and students.  Our collective passion is vegetable gardening, education, and the promotion and supporting of the urban food and sustainability movement.



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